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At Canada East Mortgages we have many different products and services which enable us to tailor a mortgage specifically for your unique needs. Every application is reviewed by a real person, no automated decisions by a computer like most banks and even some other brokers.

We’d love to talk to you today about how we can get you started on the path towards more choices and greater financial freedom!

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Mortgage Renewals

Let us check the competitions rates for you before you sign your mortgage renewal.

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This is our specialty, not all brokers are created equal, we will look under every rock to make sure you get your best deal. We’ve helped thousands of Maritimers just like you refinance to a better life.

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Debt Consolidation

Many good people run into debt trouble.  The good news is that if you’ve got some equity in yoru home, we can help bring a healthy shine back to your credit report.  We can help you pay down your debt, repair your credit and stablize your financial situation.

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Home Equity Line Of Credit

Looking for some flexibility out of your home equity?  We can do that! Let us secure a line of credit so you can accomplish your goals when you decide. It’s like turning your home into a bank account.

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Home Renovation

Home looking a little tired? Have some ideas to increase the value and want to make a house your home? Using your home equity will be the most effective solutions to attain those projects no matter how big or small.

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Second Mortgage

Sometimes it makes sense to leave your current 1st mortgage alone, and as Refinance Experts, we understand that. We will review your situation from all the different angles, to make sure you are getting your best option!

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Private Mortgage

In some situations the traditional route is not your best solution. That’s why we have a host of private lenders from coast to coast. Usually a short term solution to get you back on track.

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We have networks of insurance brokers who can help you protect what you have worked so hard for and to insure the family and loved ones are financially secure.

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